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Urban62 temporary bars are provided with a full installation service and including the setting up of the drink dispense equipment to the bar carcass.

Urban62 temporary event bars are supplied in convenient flat pack form, ready for assembly by the Urban62 team. The ease of transporting the temporary event bar makes the Urban62 temporary bar ideal for events where there is limited access to the event location or access is restricted. The temporary bar is assembled in situ at your event.

The temporary bars are available with bar lengths from 2 metre long temporary bars up to 20 metre long temporary bars. The temporary bar is immobile and fixed in position once set up by Urban62. The Urban62 team will dismantle the temporary bar after your event.

With our hassle free temporary bar service, we can provide and install the drink dispensing equipment to your own bar structure. We supply and install drink dispensing equipment as part of our hassle free temporary bar service, providing our clients with the reassurance of a smoothly run event bar.

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